Brett Erickson is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. A fearless, back-of-the-room comic's comic, Brett delivers a dynamic, free-form show that's consistently out front of anything any other comics are doing. It was just this sort of brave, bold, damn the consequences style that led legendary comedian Doug Stanhope to take notice and call Brett, "one of the funniest comics working today." Their connection has flourished and Brett has become one of Doug's favorite opening acts over the years. A featured player in the cult-comedy classic, "The Unbookables" the story of a group of comics Stanhope lovingly called, Unbookable due to their seeming disregard for the boring norms of the mainstream comedy crowd. This led to Brett headlining Unbookable shows across the country and the world, culminating in Unbookable shows in Amsterdam and the Lowlands Festival in Holland in 2007 for which he was named one of the best acts in the festival for the comedy division. A great act in his own right, Brett still enjoys his role as one of Stanhope's cabal inner-circle comics, featuring regularly on his Doug Stanhope podcast and being the only comedian ever Doug has asked to fill-in as host.

He is the creator, writer and editor of the satirical Brietbart parody website, Brettbart. A “News” organization that’s been called a brilliant Onion-style takedown of the alt-right.